1629 – Repulsion of like charges

1629 – Repulsion of like charges – Niccolò Cabeo

Niccolò Cabeo May have been the first to notice that object with the same charged are repelled from each other.  He wrote a book on magnetic philosophy (“Philosophia magnetica”).  Where he descibe metal filing being attracted to a charged object, but once they touched the charged object they are repelled by it.

Experiment – Repulsion

Items needed:

  • aluminum for into every small peices
  • Balloon
  • har or wool
  • Wool, fur or silk
    1. Cut the aluminum foil into small very pieces
    2. Blow up the balloon and tie it.
    3. Rub the balloon on hair or wool
    4. Moved the rubbed side of the over the pieces of aluminum foil.
    5. Write down your observations.


    As you pass the balloon over the pieces of aluminum foil, the electrons on the balloon repell the electrons on the foil, This make one side of the foil possitivly charged and is attracted to the negitively charged balloon.  

    Once the foil touched the balloon, it picks up electrons, it becomes negitively charged and is repellled by hte negitively charged balloon.  You may have observed this before, but Niccolò was the 1st to record this observation..

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